Meet the Staff


Melissa Hinojosa-Licensed Massage Therapist/Owner

I graduated from the Texas Center for Massage Therapy in Houston,Texas. I decided to become a massage therapist because I like helping people to feel their best. I specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy (getting the knots out), and Injury Rehabilitation. I come from a background at a medical institution doing pharmaceuticals, psychology, and nursing; working with the developmentally disabled and persons with mental illnesses. I started this business to help clients achieve well rounded wellness. At the end of each day, it feels good knowing that I made a difference in my clients lives.  


Marika Doviak Licensed Acupuncturist/Licensed Massage Therapist

Marika Doviak was born in Cambridge, England, and moved to San Diego in 2007. She began her massage training at Mueller College in 2009, where she learned a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Deep Tissue.

In 2018 she gained her state license to practice Chinese medicine after graduating from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego. She uses acupuncture, massage, heat therapy (moxibustion), cupping, and gua sha to help you reach a more balanced state of body and mind.


Paul Langelier-Licensed Massage Therapist

With over 10 years of experience I look at the body as a whole structurally and spiritually. Each massage I do is created specifically for the individual client. I am originally from a small town in Iowa and really found my passion through the art of massage graduating at the Windemere Institute of Healing Arts. I take my career seriously and thrive with clients who are open enough to talk to me about what they would like to achieve through a massage. I really consider massage an art. and I cater to anyone's needs.Highly detailed, intuitive massages combining different specialties and techniques learnt throughout the last 10 years including: Thai, Tui-Na, Neuromuscular, Sports, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Lomi-Lomi, Swedish, Gua-Sha, Reiki. I am polite, respectful and light hearted. I try to fit in one session as much as possible to maximize the results. 

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Doreen Wren-Licensed Acupuncturist/ Licensed Massage Therapist

Doreen obtained her Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) and Associate of Science in Massage Therapy/Asian Bodywork at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.  She decided to take this path of integrative, holistic healing after realizing that helping to achieve balance and relieve pain is a very meaningful way to live, so she embarked on the journey to facilitate healing in this world – one person at a time. In addition to acupuncture and circulatory massage, Doreen often uses electro-acupuncture, cupping, tui na, gua sha, stretching & traction in her sessions to relieve chronic and acute conditions.

Hours of Operation


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